Ecuador present in the 2016 International Design Exhibition of Ink Painting (IDEIP) in Beijing Design Week

Ink painting is a reflection of nature and poetic. The interaction of ink painting and design is the collision of concept, expansion of innovative thinking, development of creative thinking, methods and forms of inquiry. The release of the oriental emotion gives new vitality to ink painting design.

The revival of ink painting in this era shows an open tendency of the contemporary Chinese design in information, concept, design, experiment and the media. At the same time, we travel and sublimation in the space-time of ink painting when the rise of cultural creative industry.

The Beijing International Exhibition is hosted by the ministry of culture of the People's Republic of China and the Beijing municipal government. It has entered the class A of international design and become Asia's largest and most influential platform on the design exhibition, promotion, exchange and trading.

2016 International Design Exhibition of Ink Painting (IDEIP) is based on the cultural advantage of capital city of China and look forward the modern ink design in the oriental/Chinese perspective. We explore the cultural and design future of ink painting through our work and communication.

The ministry of culture of the People's Republic of China
The Beijing municipal government

The organizing committee of 2016 IDEIP,
The capital normal university,
Teaching Steering Committee of Higher education design specialty of Ministry of Education,
Design education Specialized Committee of China Higher Education Society.

The College of Fine Arts of Capital Normal University,
Institute of visual design and education, Capital Normal University,
China Design Resource Alliance [CDRA]

Korea Modern Design Association,
Taiwan Poster Design Association,
Macao Designers Association,
Beijing Design Institute,
Design Committee of China Packaging Federation,
Shenzhen Graphic Design Association

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