Solo Exhibition

"41 Ways of Seeing" by Mario Fuentes as part of the Ecuador Poster Bienal at the PUCE Cultural Center. Quito, Ecuador

Opening: Thursday 29th September 19H00

Exhibition will be open for free until October 14, 2016

Mario Fuentes - an artist from Ecuador, who for the past few years has been actively participating in numerous, prestigious, international poster contest, as, at the same time, his poster art has been becoming increasingly noticeable on the international poster design arena. Fuentes posters feature formal diversity, the artist swiftly uses and combines various techniques: photography, drawing, traditional and digital graphics, aptly conjoining them with typography - which varies in each piece completely. Despite this juggling with techniques and styles, Fuentes posters do seem coherent thanks to the synthesis that the author seeks to present. Simplified colour range, strong contrasts and visible dominant can be noticed in all of his works. All of them can also be distinguished through the force of the messages they carry.

The subjects Fuentes touches upon are not easy and concern us all: terrorism, environment protection, access to education, violence... It is not an easy task to create a poster understandable in every corner of the world, by people of different nations. Mario Fuentes has the ability to do just that, messages carried by his posters do not leave any doubts. They are clear and straightforward, and their pacifistic undertone can be noticed at the first glance.

Poster artists dedicated to social matters always felt their mission was to "fix the world", they created with the purpose of making Earth a better place. This deeply humanistic approach is exactly what Fuentes represents - and it is especially precious, given the times we live in.

Dr. Anna Klos
Academic teacher,
graphic designer and art collector

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